You're busted, butterfly.

MissMalini , 13 Oct 2009

Just out of curiosity… does anyone else find this series of Saif Ali Khan, Sarah-Jane Dias & Kareena Kapoor commercials a tad disturbing? Or at the very least disappointing? As far as I can remember all those warm and fuzzy love stories that had anything to do with childhood sweethearts always ended (without exception) with said sweethearts ending up together while you wipe a happy tear from your eye as the credits roll (and to be honest, I kind of like it that way.) Nowhere in my memory do I recall an episode where childhood sweetheart returns to find his little friend all-grown-up into a wonderful (and evidently helpful) young lady and then proceeds to be so easily distracted by sudden appearance of (debatable at best) sexy siren! What was that? Why did “Veronica” win? On behalf of all the Betty’s in the world I object!

However in part two it seems he’s found said sweetheart too late, and now sexy siren has already moved in and he’s torn. So does he dump her in part 3 and return to madame butterfly? But that wouldn’t work either especially since they’re a couple in real life too, who would buy that?! Or is this some smug way of saying “its different” perhaps? Wtf happened to the Keep It Simple Stupid rule eh?

Mr. Nanda I apologize for playing in your junkyard but would you care to shed some light on this very random Airtel commercial? P.S. This totally reminds me of that vapid Nicole Kidman, Arjun Rampal and Slumdog kid Rubina advertisement for Schweppes!

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