Perhaps walk a mile in someone else’s shoes? (A

t the very least this way when you’ve walked a mile in someone else’s shoes before you criticize them, you’re a mile away and you have their shoes! Just kidding.)

Sorry for being so random, but from somewhere out of the blue it just struck me to do this and now I feel like I have to see it through… I’m currently toying with the idea of getting a few people (including myself) to Swap Lives with a friend for just one day. This would mean the person I swap with would go to my job, live in my room, eat what I’d eat etc based on a list of instructions left by me for them (and vice versa) and then we’d write about each of our experiences on my blog.Why? Just because.

Why a friend? Maybe because its too much to try to get someone to swap lives with a total stranger (and there’s too many movies like that anyway.) Maybe this will be a little less intimidating and help us understand each other better. Like a university of life exchange program!

Why am I telling you this? Well because maybe you’d like to try too. Just find a friend willing to swap with you, write down everything you would normally do on that day of the week (along with phone numbers of work mates/friends who you can brief beforehand so they can help out, yes you should probably ask your boss!) and go for it. Send me your experiences, stuff you learnt about your friend and pictures of how you spent your day…

I think we may be on to something here Pinky.


P.S. Did you hear about the guy who took a polaroid everyday for 18 years until he died? I found him thanks to this blog and was fascinated. What a great window to another person’s world he’s left behind… RIP Jamie Livingston.