from top left: the atmosphere at the party, Anjula Acharia Bath, Charlie Walk, Warner Music Group’s Roger Gold, and actresses Pooja Kumar and Melanie Kannokada. Photographs by Sarah Mulligan (Photo courtesy:
top right: Anjula Acharia Bath, Charlie Walk, Warner Music Group’s Roger Gold, actresses Pooja Kumar and Melanie Kannokada. (Photo courtesy:

You’ve heard of right? Its a kick-ass South Asian entertainment and lifestyle website and they had their very own Diwali shindig hosted by Ranj & Anjula Acharia Bath at their Tribeca apartment last Friday night with an intimate group of New York City power brokers. (I figured its time to start showing you how the part-desi party around the world (I’ll tell you why someday soon!)

Interestingly Vanity Fair covered the party with confirmation from Anjula saying, “India is going through a massive transformation. They are really open to Western culture and trends, and all the major brands are going out there, from Zara to Mango, to Armani. So they are going through a fusion of lifestyles.” Umm, I thought everybody already knew this?! I guess it just goes to show Anusha Yadav was right! A lot of people still think of India as a rural cultural treasure trove and don’t ever expect to see modern India the way it is. *Ka-Ching!*

I  love the way Vanity Fair covered the party mentioning the Dom Pérignon, a DJ in the corner spinning “an organic mixture of recognizable rap and recent hits straight out of Bombay.” (I bet “Kaminey’s” Dhan Te Nan played twice!) VF goes on to say, “before guests departed with Molton Brown giftbags, Anjula Charia Bath showed off traditional Indian dance moves, demonstrating her fiercely held belief that even in New York City you can find the best of Bombay.” Interesting!

But you know what they say on Page 3 right? Its only a real party if you get featured by the Indian press! (Sorta kinda like the tree falling in the forest;  if a celebutante poses and nobody takes a picture is she really a celebutante?) You see?! We’re gold baby, everybody wants a piece of us and for the Americans we’ll be charging you in dollars thank you very much!

P.S. Now Ranj, where’s my Molton Brown goodybag? 🙂