Celebrity Myth Busters!

MissMalini , 30 Oct 2009

Truth or Dare?

Hold everything, I have an idea! (I tend to have those) as a result I have a LOT of unfinished project ideas in various states of array scattered around the bouncy castle of my brain***! This blog is one of the few that made it through the piles of unfinished cool quote scrap books, novels, travel journals, short & long stories, guitar lessons, tango classes and 2nd tattoo plans! But I think I might be getting better at finishing what I start, Pirate Radio is on a roll (thank you IK, thank you thank you!), Google doesn’t hate me any more and I’ve figured out what I’m wearing for Halloween! So here’s the rub, I’ve decided to take everyday random myths & facts that you hear and try to get boom-town celebrities to give us their take on them. For instance, Real Men Don’t Dance, Practice makes Perfect,  Beauty is only Skin Deep or Size Doesn’t Matter (lol, come on!) and I need your help in coming up with some more, then I will get Mumbai’s glitterati to dispel (or confirm them) for you! How does that sound?!

Ok maybe you’re thinking *ho…hum* now but wait till you read the first one I’ve already got tucked up in my C drive! I’m quite excited.  So quick, comment away tell me the common myths & facts you’ve heard (funny or freaky)  anything goes! Even go check out the straight dope for inspiration if you like, I’ll be right here waiting (like Richard Marx… ok I’ll stop now, that was unnecessary!)

***I love a good turn of phrase so I blushingly admit I’m quite proud of that one :) I read another one recently (flipping through International GQ while waiting to record Shoppers Stop Radio at Blue Frog) which was just delightful, in the awkward silence, “a spec of dust clattered to the floor.” Right?

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