MissMalini as Mumtaz
MissMalini as Mumtaz
MissMalini and the cricket crew!
MissMalini and the cricket crew!

MissMalini and Carol
MissMalini and Carol
MissMalini's 60s updo!
MissMalini’s 60s updo!

Psst! Didjya know they put a big ‘ol sponge type thing under your hair to get that bee hive effect? (Along with around 75 pins! Ouch.)

My friend Ami may kill me for posting this (but I think she looks super cute!)
My friend Ami may kill me for posting this so I’m living on the edge here (but I think she looks super cute!) And no, obviously that is not her real hair!
Inspector Rajesh and Sadhana
Inspector Rajesh and Sadhna post party pizza @ Tratts

My friend Sheetal went as Sadhna...
Lol kinda looked like Sadhna went to a costume party too!
Tarana Raja Kapoor and the Grim Reaper
chor police (Chetan Kapoor)
Spiderman and The Grim Reaper @ East

My gang on Halloween

Thank you Redbull, Tuborg, Qua (Prateek I got pictures of Count Dracula as promised coming soon!) & Orangina (yummmmy fizzy drink now available/manufactured in India yay, Arjun what do I do to get my very own case?) And prepare to drool all over your desktop when you get your paws on these!

The Baking Tray
Boo food

Etta James and Kanye White

Salsa star Ashwin Mushran’s gorgeous Mrs. Rebecca Maria Vaz (they were rapper Kanye White and double-agent Etta James for the party) brought cupcakes! And these my friend were no ordinary cupcakes. They were individually-customized-with-boo-factor cupcakes and a mouthful of delicious! Here’s what I recommend; give her a holler and order something, cakes, brownies, cuppies you name it – you won’t regret it!