Pirate Radio: Brown Paper Bag (tracklist, audio & footage)

MissMalini , 23 Nov 2009
Mansi and Kanika from Brown Paper Bag
Mansi and Kanika from Brown Paper Bag

bonesI love the Brown Paper Bag and all its delicious secrets. Check out the bpbweekend.com for all that’s fun and fashionable plus enter foodie heaven with two girls I like very much. Mansi & Kanika are cute, clever and have great taste in music. They were my guests on Pirate Radio and played their top 10 tracks while revealing their top 10 Mumbai secrets, love it! (audio coming soon, watch the videos for Mumbai’s best kept secrets!)


Break me out – The Rescues

Dustland Fairytale – The Killers
Crash into Me – DMB

secret # 1: Mumbai Xpress Rickshaw Challenge: In this “amazing race for the clinically insane”, you’ll get to drive over almost 2,000 kilometers from Tamil Nadu to Mumbai in your very own pimped out rickshaw. Race starts July 30, 2010; registration open now. Step on it! Visit www.rickshawchallenge.com to register.

secret # 2: Cupcake and Co: These new kids on the block are rising to the top of Mumbai’s cupcake rush with their unbelievably cute cupcakes. Their MOD style cupcake outlets are scheduled to open next month, but they’re already delivering. You can call them at 9920976000.

Malibu – Hole
Meet me on the Equinox – Death Cab for Cutie

secret # 3: Aphrodisiac Tasting: bpb in collaboration with Pan-Asian restaurant East at Kemps Corner is running a month-long four course meal that’s cooked with aphrodisiacs. It’s yummy and totally effective – plus, bpb subscribers get unlimited wine and beer on the house! At East, 76, August Kranti Road, Kemp’s Corner, Rs 650 for vegetarians and Rs 850 for non vegetarians.

secret # 4: MMA fight night: Mixed Martial Arts Fight Night is one of Mumbai’s best kept secrets that made its moves on the city for the first time in August. At this under-(w)raps event, fight enthusiasts watched ten bouts of India’s best fighters in the ring at Famous Studio, while drinking whisky and thanking God they got a break from the city’s bars. The second one is tentatively slated for December 18 or 19. We’ll keep you informed!

Learning to Fly – Tom Petty
Voices – OST The Beach

secret # 5: Aer: Launching on December 5th, Aer is the terrace bar at the Four Seasons Hotel and it’s going to have the best view ever, all the way from the Race Course and Haji Ali to the Sea Link and BKC – maximum city in a single eyeful. Try and get on the guest list, but if can’t attend, catch the bpb review and all party photos and videos action on Missmalini.com!

secret # 6: Kiss Under the Heart: We found the city’s most romantic spot at the most unexpected site – the Nehru Science Centre at Worli. There, you’ll find a giant heart that you can enter through a ventricle. And it beats and everything! Definitely steal a kiss here.

Ooh la la – The Kooks
Semi Charmed Life – Third Eye Blind

secret # 7: Chaupaati: This is Mumbai’s Craigslist; a hotline where you can buy everything from new and second hand furniture to airline tickets to a gun (no fooling)! Really convenient and a breeze to use. Call them at 922 222 1947

secret # 8: Dark Waters: Lurking in the basement of H20, this designer den of high-end export clothing and accessories stocks a secret stash of Armani shirts, Dior dresses, Christian Louboutin heels and Chanel, Mark Jacob and Burberry handbags. At H20, Pali Naka, next to Totos Garage Pub, Bandra (W), call 9821445176.

Love Fool – The Cardigans
Time to Pretend – MGMT

secret # 9: Peace Pipe: Perfect for when you’ve pissed someone off, and need a make-up gift. Handcrafted in Jaipur out of black clay, these chillums are super cool and have exclusively landed in an unlikely spot – high fashion store Muse, near Rhythm House, Fort, call 22625701.

secret # 10: Miss Malini: More celebrity than secret, she’s our favorite Mumbai find. For all that’s hot in this city, keep reading her blog and catching her on Pirate Radio at 94.3!

*blush* Ladies you are too kind :)

Comes and Goes (In Waves) – Greg Laswell

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