The Raghu Dixit Project Celebrates Bandra!

MissMalini , 25 Nov 2009
Vishal & Shekhar present Raghu Dixit
Vishal & Shekhar present Raghu Dixit

I still remember the very first time I saw The Raghu Dixit Project LIVE on stage at the Sula Vineyards amphitheater in Nashik. Man they were awesome, something about Raghu Dixit’s bombastic voice & sense of humor, their band chemistry and the fact that they (for all intents and purposes) are an indie rock band performing barefoot in lungis, just kinda rocks my world. Raghu Dixit (as he’ll unabashedly tell you) used to be a scientist and gave it all up to pursue a more melodic dream. He’s also a trained Indian classical dancer which is why he always pays homage to his art by wearing ghungroos around his ankles when he sings. Hear one song and you’re hooked. Buy the whole album and you’ll be humming it in your sleep.  (That’s why I bought 5 copies to give out on my show this Friday, tune in and take one home!)

I also have to say I’m very impressed with the Celebrate Bandra festival this year. They really nailed it. Perfect venues, flawless sound, comfortable seating and most importantly a very good crowd. I missed the acts on Carter Road but I hear those were fab too, Vishal Dadlani from Pentegram even jumped onto a stretch of sandy beach and jammed with an ocean backdrop! The only “uh oh” moment if at all came when he was busting out profanities (as rockers are known to do) and stopped a few sari-clad aunties (in sneakers) out for evening walks dead in their tracks! Hilarious.

But here, take a look I got loads of video of The Raghu Dixit Project LIVE at the Bandra amphitheater, and Raghu let me steal some pictures off his Facebook from his journey so far :) Psst! I love that his Facebook status since Sunday says,  “Raghu Dixit had a surreal gig at the Bandra Bandstand Amphitheater :) Awesome venue and the audience was fantastic. Happy gig… positive vibe… sold all the CDs we got and we fell short! Homeward bound tomorrow afternoon.”

Raghu Dixit and the Bachchans
Raghu Dixit and the Bachchans (photo courtesy: The Raghu Dixit Project)

And tonight I’m off to the JW Marriott for the launch of Roberto Cavalli’s luxury vodka and hope to swing by and enjoy Ankur Tewari’s live rendition of the fabulous track (now in a feature film Aao Wish Karein) “Sabe Peeche Hum Khade” at Daddy’s Windsong Wednesday at Il Terrazzo in Juhi.

Ah the good life, this is why its not hard to believe when people sing songs that say, “Well I’m in Mumbai and I’m waiting for a miracle” I didn’t have to wait that long for mine!

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