99 labels now just a click away!

Satya Paul
Satya Paul

facebook-02Good news ladies, shopping just got easier (as if we needed any more incentive!) Partnering national and international brands, 99labels presents event based online sales for a limited time period giving members an opportunity to buy fashion-wear, accessories, lifestyle products, sportswear and gear, electronics and even furniture at members-only prices that are up to 70% off label prices! Currently on sale brands like Ashish Soni, Satya Paul, Payal Jain, Rocky S, etc etc and because I love all my loyal readers so very much you’ve got yourself a special invitation courtesy missmalini.com yay! Click here for you exclusive invite code and shop like you’ve never shopped before.
P.S. Gentlemen there are all sorts of goodies available for you too! From cuff links to designer digs (besides how often do you get to buy your babe designer-wear without putting a major dent in your wallet?) Do it, do it! Nobody needs to know you got it on sale :)

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