The Verdict on Veer, is here!

MissMalini , 26 Jan 2010

VeerI promised and MissMalini always keeps her promises! (Just like the Pindari’s baby.) Check out my mini movie on what I thought of Veer. (Plus I finally got a chance to play with iMovies on my MacBook and OMFG it’s so awesome! I added sound effects and pictures, so fun :) can’t wait to learn more tricks and make funkier videos, subscribe, subscribe!

I know, I know, chances are you’re stunned and suspicious. But I honestly thought it was thoroughly watchable! Maybe also cos my expectations were so low…but see for yourself and tell me what you think!

Post Picture Random Thoughts
I’ve never been much of a Salman Khan fan but he was a lot less “boxy” in this film, at times almost cute again.
Watch for Mithun Chakroborty and Neena Gupta (both aging fabulously!)
Laugh your ass off at the filmmakers representation of “The British” (of whom the girls mostly look Russian) doing everything from a Scottish jig to saying things in Hindi in very annoying English accents.
Zarine Khan
is actually quite cute (in that innocent puppy kinda way.) It looks like nobody’s home but when did that ever matter in Bollywood?

Spoiler Alert!
The somewhat surprise sad ending is quickly glossed over with some good ol rebirth action and as expected, eventually (sorry Sallu!) Aal Iz Well.

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