Khan’s doppelganger shows SRK the love on V-Day!


Documentary director S. Ramachandran, SRK duplicate Raju Rahikwar and Karan Johar
SRK duplicate Raju and Sunny Deol duplicate Zahid

Didjya hear about this? Raju Rahikwar who’s made a career out of being Shah Rukh Khan’s “duplicate” booked an entire show for My Name is Khan on Valentine’s Day and distributed free tickets to SRK fans! Touched by the gesture Karan Johar turned up in support and I suppose gratitude? Other than Kjo, singer Koli Datta, Sunny Deol duplicate Zahid, comedians Navin Prabhakar and Vishwajeet Prem, film critic Vijay Vashist and a horde of SRK fans thronged to watch the film. Karan Johar was gracious to say, “Shah Rukh would be flattered. It is a very nice thing to do. I felt touched at Raju Rahikwar’s gesture. I wish him all the luck for the documentary.”
Psst! Raju is currently working on releasing a documentary about “Living in King Khan’s Shadow”. See, I was totally going to poke fun here but actually its kinda a sweet thing to do so I’m gonna let it slide – this time :)

On another note I recently caught Kunal Khemu’s movie Super Star on TV in Hyderabad and ended up watching it till 4am. The boy is smoking hot and pretty damn talented. Incidentally the movie is all about a superstar look alike who dreams of making it big. Now that’s what I call a double whammy! I <3 Kunal Khemu, now if only I could get him on pirate radio…

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