Imran Khan’s refreshing (and drool-worthy) Coke Advert!

Malini Agarwal

I bet you’ve already seen this but how could I not post it on my blog right?! Imran Khan (doing what he does best *sigh*) looking super cute in this Coke commercial featuring the girl from Dev D. Kalki Koechlin. If you got curious about the soundtrack like me then here’s the scoop: the song is a remix of “Tum jo mil gaye ho” by Mohammad Rafi from the film “Hanste Zakhm” This original is a male version only.
Kalki 101
Kalki’s parents came to India as hippies 38 years ago and settled here after they fell in love with India.
Kalki claims that she is Indian by heart and has no connection with France other than her parents.
Kalki fell in love with the director Anurag Kashyap’s while working on this movie.
Kalki had a tough time while dubbing for the movie as he speaks Hindi with a Tamil accent.