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MissMalini , 01 Mar 2010
You think I could be an extra in the next Avataar movie?
You think I could be an extra in the next Avataar movie?

MissMalini & The Birthday Girl
MissMalini & Sheetal Vyas
MissMalini's Holi 2010 crew
MissMalini's Holi 2010 crew

Happy Holi everybody! I’ve been so excited all day, I love Holi :) I also have the best pictures and I thought I’d give you a sneak peak at what MissMalini’s Holi is usually like! Can you believe I actually shot a Desi Hits gossip video a little bhaang-ed out, completely purple and hearing Prem Ki Naiyya (from Ajab Prem ki Hazab Kahani – my current favorite Bollywood song) on loop in my head? I figured you’d be impressed so I’m posting it here too, plus video highlights of my party! Also heads up, more to come tonight – unless I fall asleep mid-blog…
1. Karthik Calling Karthik vlog* review (I’m going to be blogging for indiaweekly.com soon too!)
2. A Video on the Space Cadets gig at Hanging Gardens
3. More things to look forward to at Lakme Fashion Week + LIVE coverage next weekend (props to Blackberry for WordPress!)
4. A book reading of “Back Seat” a novel by Suchitra Pillai at Crossword Bookstore hosted by Shamita Singha
5. Pictures from the Poonawala Breeders Multimillion Race
6. The Chamomile preview
7. Shahin Badar on Pirate Radio with MissMalini

…yeah right like there’s a hope in hell I’ll get that all done today! But at least you know its coming. Oh and anybody who heard me on the BBC Asia Network today, apologies if I sounded like a fast-train my Holi party was on in full-swing :)

You too could have a phenomenal cake like this! Couresy Rebecca at bakingtray.india@gmail.com (Yes that's a chocolate cake!!)
You too could have a phenomenal cake like this! Courtesy Rebecca at [email protected]
Oh Oh. Where did my ears go?
Uh oh. Where did my ears go?
The Birthday Girl gets a crown & cake!
The Birthday girl gets a crown & cake!

And remember I told you about the absolutely mind-blowing-ly talented baker extraordinaire Rebecca Maria Vaz – actor Ashwin Mushran’s better half? Well she did it again! Since Holi fell on my friend Sheetal Vyas’ birthday this year check out the fantastic chocolate cake she made (with a crown you can wear and everything, now isn’t that something?!) Become a Baking Tray fan now!

*But MissMalini what the heck is a vlog? Video Blog =Vlog, and I’ve got loads, check em out and please subscribe!

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