MissMalini's bag of goodies
MissMalini’s bag of goodies

And here ya go, especially for you thePURPLEspirit since you so sweetly posted this comment,
“Great job with the fashion week posts! loved every bit of it! And…  I’ve  always wanted to ask you.. how do you carry all your gadgets  around..  the BB, the flip, a digicam and then there’s the wallet and of  course  the oh-so-essential make up basics.. And manage to look good  all the  time without a huge tote on your shoulder?? Pls share your  secret! My  clutch purse always always looks pregnant when i go out! 🙁  p.s- Oh oh oh,.. would be soo much fun if you did a   ‘wat-i’m-carrying-in-my-bag’ kinda feature!!”
What’s in my bag?

1 LFW press pass (for Lakme Fashion Week)
2. Flip (for all my YouTube videos)
3. Credit Cards
4. My Friday Club Card
5. MAC mineralize skinfinish natural make up (FYI I totally fell for the Sheer Cover infomercials on TV btw and have ordered a set like I did with Proactive and will post a review!)
6. Lancôme Raisin Noir waterproof kohl pencil
7. GAP Lip gloss
8. My Blackberry 🙂
9. Cab money
10. House keys
11. Smokes & a lighter (my bad I know, I know)
12. MissMalini fan badges (for friendly folks I run into who say nice things about my blog.)
13. The LPC (with which I took this picture!)

And yes thePURPLEspirit it ALL fits in this one bag which I love, it even has a handy/trendy wrist strap! (I forget the label but I bought it on the 1st floor at Palladium at the store in the corner opposite the escalators will try to remember and post asap.)