Recommended: Riding an elevator with Ashish Raheja

MissMalini , 14 Mar 2010
Ashish Raheja
Ashish Raheja

OMG I cannot believe I forgot to tell you this. So after “Royalty” when things were dying down we decided to head to Hype (where these days I always have a good time and DJ Aqeel & Assad always has a shot and a smile for me :) So its now fairly late and we’re leaving the club and happen to share an elevator ride down four floors with Ashish Raheja. This is the exchange he has with the bouncer (presumably his personal body guard) on our way down…

Ashish: “Good job tonight, but next time you can do better.”
Bouncer: nods
Ashish: See these people? My friend. My Girlfriend.” points right, to his friend “Anyone touches him, its fine he can take care of himself” points left, to his girlfriend “anyone touches her, you rip his balls off, got it?”
Bouncer: stares at Ashish expressionless
MissMalini: Must remember this conversation, must remember this conversation.

Got it Ashish. Amazing as always. But I’m plagued by the very same question that came to my mind when I ran into Mallaika Arora Khan her husband Arbaaz Khan and her bodyguard Nilesh Pawar at Shiro. I mean wouldn’t it be SO much cooler if you were ripping the said balls off yourself? Girls dig that shit I swear… I mean just ask Salman Khan.
Ok, NOW we’re even :)

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