Weird email of the Year!

Weird email of the Year!

Malini Agarwal

Good lord. I opened my email today and found this message,

“Hi miss maaalini, im dheeru,i love your show on air any way actually im really looking for some O2(money)just to carry on my self if u can do it.
it will be huge for me.
if possible kindly tell me abt it on my no.

my sbi ac no -03016877xxxx
my  mob no- 0981075xxxx
im following u on twitter as well
Please & thank u very much”

Woah. Did this dude just ask me for pocket money? That’s so weird and cute at the same time!

Dear Dheeru,

I regret to inform you that I won’t be able to help you out with that O2 issue (really? that’s what they’re calling it now, Oxygen? Kids these days…) but I appreciate you being a fan and all and really, kudos to a valiant attempt.
P.S. Never send strangers your bank account number!
Please and thank you very much.

Amzie this is even better than the “will you make me frandship” Facebook request but well shy of Mr. Creepy calling. Lol.

(roflmao at what I ended up tagging this post. “weird emails I get”, “frandship” and “Dheeru”)