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MissMalini , 22 Apr 2010


Ok I need a favor. Actually its more like I need five minutes :) Please listen to this song and tell me what you think in the comments. My friends over at Sony music sent it to me and I gotta feeling… you will like it :) Think old school. The song is called “Better than Love” by the group Hurts.
[audio: 2010/04/btlradioedit.mp3]
Oh and for taking the time to give me some feedback (good or bad anything goes) I will randomly reward  5-10 people with CDs (provided you are in India and a courier goes there! And when I say “I” I mostly mean Sony Music lol) Lets do this.

Gotta say I’m really digging their vibe in this other video for “Wonderful Life” a whole bunch. Plus how can you not love a band that named themselves “Hurts” right? #WIN!

More on Hurts here: www.informationhurts.com, I <3 this post:

Message from Hurts – 01.03.10

We are in a foreign country.

We are in a uselessly large empty building.

We are making a record. We came to feel alone. And unfortunately it’s working.

Read the rest on Facebook.


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