Deepika Padukone strikes a pose for Vogue!

MissMalini , 02 May 2010

Deepika Padukone on Vogue India's May issue
Deepika Padukone on Vogue India's May issue

Well, well! Look who’s on the cover of Vogue this month. Dubbed “the stylish high street and denim special” check out Deepika Padukone (is the jury still out on how to pronounce her name?) photographed by, Atul Kasbekar and styled by, Edward Lalrempuia. I think Deepu darling is looking pretty smoking! (and oddly more and more like Priyanka Chopra…) Pick up a copy for the full dish on romance, break-ups and being fashion police, for now here’s a snack. 

Deepika in Vogue
Deepika in Vogue

On her personal style:

“My style has been evolving and I am experimenting with new silhouettes. Overall, though, I just believe in being well-turned-out at all times.”

Fashion obsession:

“Anklets and ripped jeans”

Favourite shopping haunts:

Anywhere in London – Topshop, D&G, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges”

Oldest items in her closet:

“Pyjamas, tracks and tees – I can’t wait to get into them every night!”

On Ranbir Kapoor:

“We were young and in love, and I really didn’t see anything wrong in being vocal about that. I thought being honest would work well, but yes, I would definitely think twice (about being so public) again.”

On the look in her upcoming film ‘Housefull’:

“It’s super stylish. The London look is shorts and blouses, but with an English influence – puffed sleeves, lace and simple accessories. The Italian look is sexier – bikini tops and shorts with mul-mul tops”

Physically fit Deepika:

Physically, Deepika is in a fantastic place. The former athlete’s body is leaner than ever, something that she attributes to religious workouts. She has a post break-up glow – joining the ranks of Jennifer Aniston, Anne Hathway and Charlize Theron who, post front-page break up splits have perfected that sweetest revenge.

Ooooh and speaking of revenge, I say don’t get mad – get even and Channel [v] has the PERFECT show for you to do just that! Axe Your Ex, do it now!

Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra
Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra

Poll mania has struck me so here’s another one. Oh and I just remembered HOW much Asin looks like Deepika Padukone? What’s going on here? It’s right out of The Stepford Wives :)

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