The Ugly Truth: LIVE on Pirate Radio!

MissMalini , 11 May 2010


bonesYou’ve seen this movie right called “The Ugly Truth” where Gerard Butler takes a no bullsh*t approach to giving women romantic advice on a TV show? So I decided to do something similar on Pirate Radio this Saturday and have asked a few of my (single) male friends to come and host the show with me! (Plus DJ Shaan is going to select the playlist so that should be bumping.) But here’s the rub: They MUST tell the truth, good bad or ugly about anything you ask them. So now’s our chance ladies to discover the answer to questions that have plagued us about boys through the ages. And gentlemen, I suggest you tune in to hear your buddies spill the beans and see if you agree… (this will of course be an on-going series and we’ll get the girls to return the favor on another Saturday) for now post your questions in the comments below to reserve a spot on the show!

Tune in May 15th, 10pm – midnight to 94.3 Radio One when you can also call in LIVE on (022) 66943943, SMS ONE <space><your message> to 53650 or Twitter me @MissMalini.

She Says: I am not desperate!
She Says
: Why, did you think I sounded desperate?
He Says
: Listen to you. Desperately asking me if you sounded desperate?

I feel this exchange of dialogue in “The Ugly Truth” perfectly surmises the predicament most women find themselves in when they like a guy, which is why a little strategic suggestion (from the guys themselves) is just what we need, dotchya think?!

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