So....Wtf is Waka Waka?

MissMalini , 14 Jun 2010

I got curious. Figured you may have to?  The lyrics, which are in a Cameroonian dialect called Fang, go like this:

Zaminamina oh oh
Waka waka eh eh
Zaminamina zangalewa
Anawam ah ah

Loosely meaning…

come oh oh
do it eh eh
who asked you to come?
it is mine

Lyrically, I think this is a huge step up for Shakira. (Lest I remind you about her “breasts so small and humble so you don’t confuse them with mountains”?!) Anyhoo here’s the whole song, so the next time you’re watching footie you can sing along! 


Waka Waka

You’re a good soldier
Choosing your battles
Pick yourself up
And dust yourself off
And back in the saddle

You’re on the front-line
Everyone’s watching
You know it’s serious
We’re getting closer
This isn’t over

The pressure is on
You feel it
But you’ve got it all
Believe it

When you fall get up
Oh oh…
And if you fall get up
Oh oh…

Tsamina mina

Cuz this is Africa
Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka Waka eh eh

Tsamina mina zangalewa
Anawa aa

This time for Africa

Listen to your god
This is our motto
Your time to shine
Dont wait in line
Y vamos por Todo

People are raising
Their Expectations
Go on and feed them
This is your moment
No hesitations

Today’s your day
I feel it
You paved the way
Believe it

If you get down
Get up oh oh…
When you get down
Get up eh eh…

Tsamina mina zangalewa
Anawa aa

This time for Africa
Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka Waka eh eh

Tsamina mina zangalewa Anawa aa
Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka Waka eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Africa

Didjya Know?

“Zamina” or “Zangaléwa” is a 1986 hit song, originally sung by a makossa group from Cameroon called Golden Sounds who were beloved throughout the continent for their silly dances and costumes. The song pays tribute to African skirmishers (a.k.a tirailleurs) during WW2. Most of the band members were in the Cameroonian Army themselves. Which also explains the lyrics “who asked you to come? When the young recruits of the Republican Guard Cameroon complained about the rigors of military life, their employers or fellow old people used to raise this question: “Loé wa za anga?”, which actually meant something like: “nobody has forced to join the army, so stop whining!”

This song was chosen because it’s both a tribute to African music, with the World Cup being held in South Africa, and a nod to the folks back home who’ve partied to this song since way back in 1987.  Apparently, the movie The Lion King also features asample reference of this song!

Freshlyground who collaborated on Shakira’s FIFA World Cup 2010 Official Anthem are simply awesome. I heard them ages ago in Cape Town and fell in love with Zolani’s voice. And then of course there’s that muppet…

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