Colin and Brad
Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood

MissMalini and Colin
MissMalini and Colin Mochrie

I had the pleasure of watching a few members of the famous “Whose Line Is It Anyway” cast at the ITC Grand Central recently (thanks to my buddy Suresh Venkat, love you!) namely Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood. Apart from the fact that these guys are just simply hilarious they even unwittingly managed to rope in Ash Chandler, Junelia Aguiar, Queenie Dhody, Farhad Taraporewala and VJ Ranvijay in their bits which I managed to capture on video so enjoy! The opening act by Malyali comic Ashwin Mathew was not bad either. Although I feel he may have had the last life (of his career) when at the end of the show sponsored by Black Dog Whiskey he graciously invited Mr. Mallya to come up on stage and give one lucky winner and 18-year-old bottle of Black LABEL Whiskey instead. Doh! I can just imagine the scene in Mr. Mallya’s boardroom the next afternoon a la Donald Trump in The Apprentice, “Mr. Mathew’s, You’re Fired!”
Psst! Ashwin Mushran, Ryan Sadri (from Something Relevant) and I got super lucky and ran into Colin on our way in so I whipped out the LPC and took some pix!

Colin and Ashwin Mushran
Colin Mochrie and Ashwin Mushran
Colin Mochrie and Ryan Sadri
Colin Mochrie and Ryan Sadri
In the Dog House: Ashwin Mathew
In the Dog House: Ashwin Mathew
Ash Chandler and Junelia Aguiar

Queenie Dhody and Farhad Tareporewala
Queenie Dhody and Farhad Taraporewala

Mtv VJ Ranvijay
Mtv VJ Ranvijay

So… if you’ve just watched that video (or were actually there) you’ll know that Ranvijay appeared to be a shade shy on the uptake that evening. I don’t know why, considering he’s a VJ and (I thought) generally quite quick-witted. Afsos, we all  with little horror, glazed and confused as he fumbled through this bit (and until his buddy with a faux-hawk distracted us all.) O well, at least he’s still pretty rugged dreamy cute.
P.S. Run!!! You were meant to say “I’m MC Run” not “I MC Run” or just “MC Run” doh! And note to self; next time someone asks you what you collect, try not to say “girl’s phone numbers” (bet Anusha Dandekar loved that one.)

Let The World Wait
At a Vijay Mallya event, everybody waits!

P.S. Funny how accurate this tag line for the brand is considering the show started approximately 2 hours after its scheduled time. Ah Mr. Mallya I guess some things never change eh?