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Shiny Ahuja
Shiney Ahuja

Apart from the fact that this does nothing to improve my impression of people who wear Ed Hardy much I just heard some alarming news. Apparently some sicko from the Bigg Boss 4 production team thinks it would be a genius idea to have Shiney Ahuja as a contestant. Are you serious? Please tell me you’re not serious. Apart from the fact that he should probably be getting some kind of mental help/brutal punishment for his “problem” do we really want to spend many weeks watching him shed crocodile tears on reality TV (with a captive audience of several other drama queens no less) about how he’s really the good guy and it was all a vicious set up? Oh barf. Please do not pass Go. Do not collect 200. Just proceed directly to jail. (Unless we get to watch Salman Khan bat you around, then it could be fun…)
P.S. The other names that are doing the rounds as possible Bigg Boss inmates include Rajesh Khanna, Sara Khan, Sneha Ullal and Bhagyashree. (Basically anybody who’s Bollywood career is over/never-really-started need apply lol.)
Hey, wanna see a picture that’s creepy as f**k?

creepy much?