Indie Music Reporter: Pentagram Release Their Own Web Series.

Neysa Mendes , 28 Aug 2010
Pentagram shot by Ameet Mallapur. "This is one of my favourite profile images of an Indian band"
Pentagram shot by Ameet Mallapur. This is one of my favourite profile images of an Indian band.

indiemusicfilter-copyPentagram has just released PentaTV, the band’s own online show. Pentagram is easily one of the best live acts in the country, a lot due to the sheer energy they have on stage. They have no mercy though, if they’re working the stage, you’d better be jumping along as well. Sitting is strictly not allowed. I’m mostly soaked in sweat after a Pentagram gig. Gross? Yes. But such fun.
The band is letting you in on a little of their madness through their own series of webisodes that they will release on their site. The show will cover backstage antics, gigs, hanging out with the band and also follow them through recording their next album. The first episode gives you a glimpse of the band recording ‘Mental Zero’ which they’ve been playing live for a few months now. It also features on their new album which they’re calling ‘Bloodywood’. Gotta love the name! Samira Kanwar, who’s conceptualized and directed the show says that there will be a new episode out every ten days. So check back to the band’s website for new episodes on Pentagram has been around for over sixteen years now and the band has some insane stories and ridiculously funny experiences to share. They’re a quirky band with lots of character, so stay tuned. I’m sure it’s going to be mental.

One of the things I’ve always wanted to know…why is Papal is so obsessed with chai?!
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