The Lyrical Hip Hop Dance Crew at Zenzi Mills!

MissMalini , 02 Sep 2010
MissMalini, Tarana Raja Kapoor, Manik Bhathija and Yasmin
MissMalini, Tarana Raja Kapoor, Manik Bhatheja and Yasmine Pithawalla

Check it out! MissMalini and Tarana Raja Kapoor revisited our dancing days about a decade on! So fun :) I highly recommend you try a class. Big love to: Manik Bhatheja for a killer routine and oodles of patience, Ashwin Mushran for engineering our late start so he could be there and everyone who cheered with unbridled enthusiasm for our 57 second masterpiece. Yippee new batch starts tonight at 7pm, can’t wait to meet the new crew!
Lyrical Hip Hip dance class too! 7-8pm Tue/Thur in Khar
Registration fee – 300rs
Monthly fee (8 classes) – 1500rs
Learning a dance routine and performing it at Zenzi Mills – Priceless!

Aswin Mushran DJing for the night
Aswin Mushran DJing for the night
last tech rehersal
last tech rehearsal
Zenzi Mills
@Zenzi Mills

Psst! I have good news :) I ran into Zenzi’s Emiliano Collazo and his wife Mia Evonne Uyeda last night and they told me Zenzi Bandra will be up and running again soon, the neighbors just demolished the shared parking area so nobody panic!

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