The Prodigy (photo credit: Paul Dugdale)
The Prodigy (photo credit: Paul Dugdale)

The Prodigy headlines Invasion festival in India, a brand new festival that promises to bring the biggest, currently relevant acts to India. I can’t remember who’d coined the term ‘Third World Rock’ but for a long while, it perfectly described the kind of acts that toured India. Sure, Boyzone, Bryan Adams and MLTR were big but they toured India, they were well past their prime. Invasion festival, organized by OML’s new festival division Motherswear (Pentagram frontman, Vishal Dadlani who is a partner in the business named the company, isn’t it brilliant?) in collaboration with London based UKNY Music promises to change that and bring us high energy, explosive acts year after year. The Prodigy is a great start for Invasion – the band’s recent hit album ‘Invaders Must Die’ went straight to no. 1 in the UK and they had a summer of volatile festival performances.

What’s also really exciting is that Pentagram, one of my favourite bands, will also be performing at Invasion. Pentagram pioneered electro-rock in India and it is almost expected that they’d be on the bill. The band does an unforgettable live mash-up of The Prodigy’s Smack My Bitch Up and Seal’s Killer. And one of their most popular tracks Ten samples the beginning of The Prodigy’s Wake Up Call. What I’m hoping for is a live collaboration between both bands because that would be beyond incredible.

The Prodigy’s discography, as pioneers and a band who’ve developed their own sound goes a lot further than their hits so over the next few months, listen to everything from Experience to Invaders Must Die and prep for what I think is going to be the most insane gig we’ve ever seen in India.

Tip: Listen to a lot of Invaders Must Die, because Maxim from The Prodigy told me that their set would lean towards their latest album.

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