MissMalini in ESTINNA's DIVA collection
MissMalini in ESTINNA’s DIVA collection

So another upside to doing the ESTINNA DIVA shoot (apart from getting to put on cute clothes and have pretty pictures to show my grandchildren) was learning a couple of ins and outs of the modeling world. Here are a few things I picked up in my very first  pose & pout experience!

There is no such thing as a perfect fit.

Unless the dress is tailored to fit you, chances of it draping just perfectly are slim at best. So all those pictures you see where the clothes fit the model just right usually involve several clothes clamps (hidden behind the model) to hold everything in place.

That is not (all) my real hair!

How cool is it that you now get luscious thick hair extensions (made of human hair) that clip right on to your head? Rapunzel eat your heart out! You do have to wash and condition it just like real hair though and it can sometimes give you a bit of a headache if the clips are too tight.

You look more model-esque when you don’t smile.

I kinda knew this one already but its so hard to do! All those years of “say cheese!” for friends and family did nothing to prepare me for that killer sultry side shot (this is probably why I don’t have one.)

Chotu, the Styrofoam King.

Most seasoned photographers use Styrofoam reflectors to bounce light onto parts of the subject that need more light; invariably the guy holding this piece of Styrofoam at different angles is usually called “Chotu”!

Photoshop is your friend

It’s true. Photoshop fixes things you can’t normally possibly control. Granted there are some who take it too far, but I think a little mood lighting never hurt anyone 🙂