Top 10 Brunch Fashions in Vogue!

Sue Castellino , 16 Nov 2010

Vogue_Blogger_Badges_1-1You know how much I love brunch and considering there’s one in Mumbai every Sunday I figured I’d clue you in on what to wear to keep it fun & fashionable! My assistant Sue Castellino put together this Top 10 trend list with a nifty little online virtual styling tool. Everything from what fabric to wear, to shoes that won’t sink into gravel or sand (if you’ve stumbled around Olive explaining to everyone that its your heels and not your high that’s got you off-balance then you know my pain!) Check it out :) xoxo

#1 – Breezy Dresses in soft fabrics and light pastel hues

No. 1 Breezy Dresses
No. 1 Breezy Dresses

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#2 – Accessories with some trendy sunglasses to beat the Sunday Sun

No. 2 trendy Sunglasses
No. 2 trendy Sunglasses

#3 – Strappy Espadrilles lend height and don’t sink into the sand!

No. 3 - Strappy Espadrilles
No. 3 – Strappy Espadrilles

#4 – Antique Rings grab attention especially when holding a class of yummy Sangria

No. 4 - Antique Rings
No. 4 – Antique Rings

#5 – Big Hobo Bags perfect for carrying around all your essentials

No. 5 - Big Hobo Bags
No. 5 – Big Hobo Bags

#6 – Comfy Trouser in unusual colors; leave you enough room for that extra helping of dessert

comfy Trousers
No. 6 – Comfy Trousers

#7 – Feminine Blouses in light airy fabrics and blush colors lend a charm to any look

No. 7- Feminine Blouses
No. 7- Feminine Blouses

#8 – Classic Brogue or Oxford shoes, they lend a naughty boy element to your outfit

No. 8 - Classic Brogue
No. 8 – Classic Brogue

#9 – Hair Pieces add a whimsical touch to any Sunday brunch affair

No. 9 - Hair Pieces
No. 9 – Hair Pieces

#10 – Natural Make Up, think glowing skin, nudes shades and strong eyeliner. Look to  Rihanna, Megan Fox and Deepika Padukone for inspiration

No. 10 - Natural Make Up
No. 10 – Natural Make Up

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