Vogue Spotlight: Real Weddings, Real Women!

Sue Castellino , 01 Dec 2010

Vogue_Blogger_Badges_1-1Every year we see a bevy of Fashion Weeks telling us what to wear and when to wear it. In fact India Bridal Week is the benchmark for all brides to be, they look up to the showstoppers and try to mimic what they wear. Of course there’s no escaping Bollywood when it comes to wedding garb and every Indian bride wants a touch of the filmy in her trousseau. So just what do real girls choose when buying their wedding wear? I asked my assistant Sue to get trigger happy at her pal’s recent wedding in Pune just for you!

Gandharv Jain weds Natasha Kapoor
Gandharv Jain weds Natasha Kapoor

Real girl next door, Natasha Kapoor was gracious enough to let us take candid pictures of her during her three-day celebration with groom Gandharv Jain. The sangeet was a semi formal affair, where most girls opted for salwars, some wore light lenhengas; comfort being key as most of them had to get up on stage and perform. Jewel colours like emerald green and dark sapphire blue were seen everywhere that night, some garments had a bit of a tribal influence incorporated in the prints. However, the stand out was an all white Anarkalli Salwar that was designed by the lady wearing it. Natasha herself wore a green and dark pink lenhenga that she bought from her visits to Delhi. It seems Delhi is the choice for most girls for their Bridal wear. Jeweled Hair pieces were a big hit this season, and we saw a number of them at the sangeet.

At the Sangeet - Jewel tones
at the sangeet – jewel tones
At the Sangeet - Gandharv and Natasha
at the sangeet – Gandharv and Natasha
At the Sangeet -  Bold Hair pieces
at the sangeet – bold hair pieces
At the Sangeet -  Tribal influence
at the sangeet – tribal influence (l-r) Sue in Ritu Kumar, Tina in Sage designs
At the Sangeet -  the bride Natasha practicing her steps
at the sangeet – the bride Natasha practicing her steps
At the Sangeet - Raashi in her own creation,  Raashi Designs.
at the sangeet – Raashi in her own creation, Raashi Designs.

The reception was ultra formal, where the women got all dolled up and wore their Sarees. Most men wore their suits, however the younger generation decided to wear trousers and shirts and keep it semi formal. It seems the Sherwani is not as popular with the men as designers would like to think; it made a guest appearance with only the groom in one. Therefore making Gandharv the most stylish of the lot. However, it’s the women who rule the night at weddings, and the women did look stunning. Green and all shades of pink were the choice of the night, as the majority of sarees were in those colours. The bride Natasha in a decadent lehenga in deep red with highlight of green embroidery looked like the quintessential Indian bride. Her jewelry although weighing her down and a tad bit hurtful, added to the sparkle of the night but nothing shinned brighter than the groom’s face when he saw his bride approaching. After all isn’t that what weddings are all about, under all the heavy clothes, make up and jewelry it is essentially the union of two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together. Here’s wishing Natasha and Gandharv a life time of happiness!
By Sue Castellino

At the Wedding - Pink and Green, the colours of the night
At the Wedding – Pink and Green, the colours of the night
At the Wedding - Youthful saree in offwhite and Pink
at the wedding – youthful saree in off white and pink
At the wedding - Tina in Sage Creations, Sue in Shrivannarresh
at the wedding – Tina in Sage creations, Sue in Shrivannarresh
At the wedding - Gandharv Jain
at the wedding – Gandharv Jain
At the Wedding- THe Bride approaches the Groom
at the wedding- the Bride approaches the Groom
At the Wedding - The parents of the Bride, Mr and Mrs. Kapoor
at the wedding – the parents of the Bride, Mr and Mrs. Kapoor

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