Timmy Narang & Siddartha Mallya
Timmy Narang and Siddarth Mallya
Yash Birla , Timmy Narang & Sahil Khan
Yash Birla, Timmy Narang and Sahil Khan

You know there’s a new club in town right? Replacing “Ra” and “Play”, Rishi Acharya and Bunty aka B-Project have launched a new club with fancy lights and some pretty awesome music. You won’t hear much Bollywood here (in fact none at all if you’re lucky!) and on a good night you might even spot some of the rich and restless sipping champagne in the VIP section. And um… I know you’re looking at that picture of Yash Birla and Sahil Khan and thinking wtf? At first glance it looks like a reunion of Batman villains! Lol, I suggest you focus on Timmy Narang, he’s a lot easier on the eye.
P.S. Siddharth Mallya what’s with handlebar mustache?! I can’t imagine Deepika approves.

Rocky S, Sophie Choudry
Rocky S. and Sophie Choudry
Sonal Chauhan, Ravi
Sonal Chauhan and Ravi
Rishi Acharya, Ramona Narang
Rishi Acharya and Ramona Narang