Expat Unplugged: Five Things Fridays

Andrea , 06 Jan 2011

Expat UnpluggedI may just need to invest in a copy of myself to keep up with my crazy week ahead. My blackberry has decided it is too exhausted thinking about all the engagements next week and froze while I was editing my calendar this morning. Looks like I better find a way to slip in a trip to the repair shop as well. Yikes!
Although my #1 may not be too exciting for you, I guarantee you cannot miss out on #4 and #5!

Engagement Calendar Invasion!

5 Things Friday's
5 Things Friday's

1. My grandparents are arriving in India and embarking on a 5 week tour. Old folks may sound boring to you, but these two are not your typical retirement home residents. The last time we traveled together in Costa Rica my grandmother ended up with a black eye courtesy of yours truly and my grandfather had to rescue me from a very sketchy white water tubing adventure.

2. Interested in seeing some of the areas I work in, my supportive family requested a peek into Dharavi. I have arranged for a tour that uses to proceeds to fund the NGO Reality Gives. Check it out for yourself at realitytoursandtravel.com.

3. My grandparents really had to twist my arm to come join them in Goa for a week. Who in their right mind turns down beach, sun, and heaps of love?

Have you heard of the Invasion Festival? The last time I saw this band in Sydney, I came home with 3 broken toes. Trust me, you really cannot miss this lineup: Jalebee Cartel, Midival Pundits, BBC, DJ Vachan, Pentagram, Pendulum and…. The Prodigy! Find out more at invasionfestival.in

Hope to see you with all toes in place in:

4. Bangalore Thursday the 13th

5. and Delhi Friday the 15th

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