Expat Unplugged: Five Things Fridays

Expat Unplugged: Five Things Fridays

Expat Unplugged Diary

Why not try making the world a better place this weekend?  All of the  below projects can be completed in just a few hours or less, so no  excuses not to spread the love!

Quick and Easy Ways to Make the World a Better Place

Five Things Friday's
Five Things Friday's

1. Encourage Spring Cleaning any season and organize a used clothing drive. Make sure to send a friendly reminder to participants that the clothes should clean and free of large stains.

2. Make baby supply kits for newborns in need or hygiene kits for the homeless. If you’re not sure what to put in these kits, check out these simple suggestions:

Newborn Kits

Receiving blankets
Cloth diapers
Diaper pins
Baby socks
Gentle Soap
Dry Formula
Hand Sanitizers

Hygiene Kits

Wash Cloth or Hand Towel
Feminine Hygiene Products

3. Encourage education and save the planet by old book recirculation. Book drives work great as well!

4. Bring projects from theuglyindian.com to life. Make sure to report back to us on which wall you have adopted in your neighborhood.

5. Get an HIV test. Knowledge is power.

For more wonderful ideas, please visit charityguide.org