Sujal Shah, Anjana,
Sujal Shah, Gulshan Randhawa and Anjana Sharma

I don’t know how many of you know this, but Lakmé Fashion Week is generally put together by a relentless team of behind-the-scenes pros which is why you get the flawless experience you do. One such cool cat being Sujal Shah (

Vice President and Head of Fashion, IMG, India) who I hear is now moving on to work

become the Co-founder and  Managing Director in a new e-commerce business launching this year and I’m told there are some fantastic shoes in our online future 🙂 He plans to run the show at this upcoming Fashion Week in March though (and rake up some miles between Delhi & Bombay), after which Former Vogue Advertising Director, Gulshan Randhawa and Fashion/ Lifestyle & Marketing veteran, Anjana Sharma will be taking over. (Take a good look peeps, these be the new faces off the ramp at LFW this year.) Welcome to the jungle ladies!
Psst! Sujal and I have something very cool in common 🙂 we both made it to the CNNGo 20 peeps to watch for, check it out… him here and yours truly here xoxo