Matt Schofield and Buddy Guy at the Mahindra Blues Festival

MissMalini , 08 Feb 2011
Day 2- Matt Schofield
Day 2- Matt Schofield

I got the scoop from my awesome sis-in-law Lalita Iyer even though I was in Nashik for the weekend! Here are the highlights:
Spotted: Manyata Dutt in full glory, bonding with both the Dutt sisters like nothing ever happened.
Dissed: Matt Schofield, who was all tributy to Buddy Guy, reminiscing about how is first blues concert was Buddy Guy and BB King that he attended with his dad, and how he gave him a guitar pick that he still has, twenty years later. Buddy on the other hand, acknowledged all the others who jammed with him during the final ensemble like Johnny Lang and Shemeika (both of whom he acknowledged and spoke reams about) Poor Matt however was in the background, waiting to be addressed, but never was… So much for his glowing accolades for Buddy and waxing on about being his first blues icon!

Blues Festival
Mahindra Blues Festival
Namrata Dutt, Priya and Manyata
Namrata, Priya and Manyata Dutt

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