Cassini’s Divison at Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai

Cassini’s Divison at Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai

Neysa Mendes
Cassini's Divison
Cassini's Divison (photo courtesy: Kunal Kakodar)


Cassini’s Division, an alt rock band from Kolkata played at Hard Rock  Cafe the other night and I went to check it out. It had been quite a while  since I’d heard them last in Singapore where they’d performed as a part  of Sutasi, a talent hunt which featured bands and musicians from across  Asia (It was also aired in India on Zee Cafe so you might know what I’m  talking about).

For a Tuesday night at HRC, the place was pretty packed. Besides the  regular diners, there were a whole lot of pretty hardcore fans singing  along with the band, screaming for tracks and cheering after every  single song. Has anyone else noticed that the Bengali bands seem to  manage to do that in Bombay? All the Supersonics’ gigs I’ve gone to in  the city have always had a loyal, enthusiastic audience.

The band played a fairly long set, about two hours in total, with a lot of tracks from their debut album Ringside View,  released at the end of 2010. I quite liked a couple of their tracks,  but to be entirely honest, I’m not really a fan of their music. What  works I think, is that they cover a variety of styles, each track is  pretty different from the first, and while Rahul, the vocalist doesn’t  always sing in key, he does really change it up between the rapping and  singing, with some freestyling thrown in as well.

If you’re in Pune, you can catch them at HRC on the 17th of  February. If you want to know what the sound is like, check out their video for Glow Worm, a track off their debut album Ringside View.

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