Priyanka Chopra, Filmfare's March 2011 Cover Girl & Frenemy Kareena Kapoor Gossip!

MissMalini , 18 Feb 2011

Priyanka Chopra‘s on the cover of Filmfare this March. Here’s a little juice from the interview!

Filmfare March '11
Filmfare March '11 – shot by Abhay Singh, styled by Jayati Bose

What really went wrong between Kareena Kapoor and you? The two of you were friends at one point.

PC: “(laughs) I am not yet sure about that. We were never best friends or back slapping buddies. Just that we had a lot of common friends. We used to hang out a lot together. But after a point we got really busy and eventually lost touch. Then she started making callous remarks about me. I haven’t said anything about her ever. But it has happened so many times that now I am pretty sure she doesn’t like me. I don’t really know what happened. I don’t have any form of distaste towards her.”
Aww I thought you guys made up? But I’m guessing she has an insecurity issue cos you’re WAY hotter than Kareena PC, sorry KK fans but its true!

Filmfare March '11
Filmfare March '11

If marooned on an island with Kareena what would you do?

PC: “I wouldn’t need to do anything. She is very entertaining so I would just listen to her.”
Seven insults you are never going to forget.
PC: There’s one statement made by Kareena which I’ll never forget. Someone asked her who she considered as competition she replied, ”Rani Mukerjee” then she was asked ”what about your contemporaries like Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif? She said, ”oh I thought you were talking about actors”. Obviously she doesn’t consider us in her league. That really hurt me.

What kind of tapes would you like to be leaked?

PC: “I would like to hear the conversation that happened between Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan at that party (where they fought). There’s so much speculation about that!

One question you’d like to ask Katrina, Deepika and Kareena?

To Kat: “What made her take this career in india?”
To Deepika : “If I ever had a problem with my flight I’d ask her if she’d give me a free ticket on her fleet of airlines.”
To Kareena : (thinks) “Oh no that would be too nasty. Can we come back to this later?”

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