Lakmé Fashion Week – Interview Exclusive with Anil Chopra, CEO, Lakmé Lever

Lakmé Fashion Week – Interview Exclusive with Anil Chopra, CEO, Lakmé Lever

Malini Agarwal

With Lakmé Fashion Week just around the corner (March 11th – 15th 2011) I figured I’d ask Mr. Lakmé himself, Anil Chopra, CEO, Lakmé Lever a few questions about how it all began, his favorite bits, what’s going to be special about Summer/Resort 2011 and a few tips for upcoming/hopeful models/designer!

Anil Chopra
Anil Chopra

What is your first memory of Lakmé Fashion Week, how did it start?


Anil Chopra: “Lakmé Fashion Week, earlier known as Lakmé India Fashion Week was held way back in 2001 in Delhi. It was a move ahead of its time from Lakme, a brand that has displayed a long standing and deep-rooted commitment towards developing beauty and fashion in India. The fashion week was a high-profile spectacle, much like any international Fashion Week, where the very best of the entire India fashion industry came together for LFW and also remains till date.”

What Advice would you give upcoming/hopeful models/designers – how do they make it to the coveted LFW roster?

Anil Chopra: “The Business of fashion like any other is governed by two ‘kings’ – content and customer. So to serve content I’d say innovation, creativity and to think differently are essential and for the customer wearability and relevance to the environment and culture are key. Let your imagination run far and wide as long as your feet are firmly rooted the ground and that will take you a long-long way in the business!”

What is your fav part of Fashion Week?

Anil Chopra: “Fashion, I believe is an expression, it is influenced by the times – by people, places, culture, climate,  experiences and more. LFW is a platform for talent to showcase their art and where connoisseurs of the art of fashion come to see the work, make their buys, to critique, appraise and evaluate… and that for me is my favourite part of fashion week – being part of promoting FASHION!”

Tell us a Lakmé Fashion Week Secret!

Anil Chopra: “Honestly, there are no secrets at LFW, we are fair and open.”

What’s special about the upcoming Fashion Week – Summer Resort 2011 shows?

Anil Chopra: “Well every fashion week comes with new surprises and is extraordinary. This season’s new talent, mentored by Aki Narula, is definitely to watch out for… they are creative, young and raring to go. Lakmé introduces an attractive theme with the Fantasy Collection presented by Gauri & Nainika as the Grand Finale designers. This not all, there’s more lined up which will be unveiled in the next few days.”