Music. Art. Sea. Sand. Ujaan Festival for the Sunderbans.

Neysa Mendes , 24 Feb 2011
Shaair+Func and Bay Beat Collective
Shaair+Func and Bay Beat Collective

indiemusicfilter-copyMusic. Art. Sea. Sand. Ujaan festival for the Sunderbans.

Am loving the promo for the festival.

This sounds like it’s going to the most beautiful festival. Yes, it’s a bit of a trek away, unless you live in Calcutta, but think about it – a festival in the Sunderbans with some great music, set on a 7km clay and sand beach. I already want to book my tickets!

Ujaan takes place in Frazergunj, West Bengal between the 10th – 13th of March 2011. The artist lineup is pretty impressive. There are about 35 acts slated to perform at the festival. My picks would be electro/rock duo Shaa’ir + Func, blues band Soulmate, experimental rock band PINKNOISE, electronica duo Teddy Boy Kill and folk musicians Rajasthan Roots and dubstep/drum and bass act Bay Beat Collective. There’s also a whole list of folk artists who will also be performing including Rewben from Manipur. Click here ffor the entire artist lineup.

The festival has a philanthropic bend. Ujaan supports the Sunderbans, which is the largest mangrove forest in the world. It hopes to promote awareness of the problems in the Sunderbans that they believe we’re in danger of losing, and also to empower community development projects in the area and aid organizations working in the Sunderbans.

First time festivals, especially those in remote locations aren’t too easy to pull off. I’d love to have made it to the Ladakh Confluence the year that it happened, and unfortunately it looks like there won’t be another festival. So full marks to the organizers behind Ujaan, it sounds like a lovely festival. If you can take the time off, make the trip and soak in the music and the surroundings.

For more info, check out the festival’s website.

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