Rohit & Ranjit Ravindra’s Double Big Fat Indian Wedding!

Rohit & Ranjit Ravindra’s Double Big Fat Indian Wedding!

Malini Agarwal

Maybe I need to start a section on my blog called BFIW (Big Fat Indian Weddings!) Everywhere I go someone is planning their pants off (I’m starting to get a little intimidated, “you haven’t started planned yet? Hai rabba!” Er 10 months? Does it really take 10 months to plan a wedding (especially if I don’t have a full power synchronized air show in mind?) Oh well, I guess I’ll learn (and so will you if you keep reading my blog!) The Domestically Challenged Desi Girl plans her own wedding! Hmm, I wonder who’ll play me in the movie? Lol! But I digress, I came here to tell you that I have the skinny on the Big Fat Jindal Wedding in Delhi recently and a loyalist just sent me this, “Hello Malini, there’s this BIG fat Indian wedding happening in Hyd on the 25th.. in the news as one of the BIGGEST weddings in India. Two sons Rohit and Ranjit  of an NRI – New Zealand based industrialist. Wanted to know if you’d be  interested about it?” So I said why not? Here’s what I got!
P.S. I need a wedding planner, I’ll pay in free publicity how’s that? :)


The Groom(s):

  • Two sons of NRI industrialist S. Ravindra from Hyderabad/New Zealand, Rohit & Ranjit
  • The brides to be are cousins, Shruti & Divya from Villa Marie College.

When/Where etc:

  • At the GMR arena in the city
  • The  main wedding ceremony is on February 25 with an underwater theme  and a Jhoda-Akbar theme too (hahaha this one appears to be quite popular!) Wizcraft has been designing the set for about two months and is rumored to cost several Crores.

Wedding Highlights:

  1. Mumbai’s most popular celebrity mehendi artist Jamila will be doing the Mehendi for the bride and her guests
  2. Performances by Sivamani, Naresh Iyer and Karthik
  3. Rohit and Ranjit will be wearing creations by Gucci from the Runway  collectios and the shoes and ties by Versace, Armani and Hugo Boss
  4. The brides will be wearing Manish Malhotra lehengas for the wedding, and Versace gowns for the reception
  5. The grooms’ parents, Ravindra has chosen an Armani creation and Anupama Ravindra will wear a Manish Malhotra creation
  6. Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBZ) are the exclusive jewellery brand for the wedding
  7. Make-up for the brides and their families will be done by Mickey Contractor
  8. The  concept of the wedding invitation was conceived by Anupama Ravindra  and executed by EDC (Entertainment Design Co.) from Delhi – the  wedding card comes with pearls and costs around 10,000rs each (approximately 10,000  guests have been invited.)
  9. In between there is a middle-eastern theme part where half an acre will  be filled with sand to  convert the area into a dessert where belly  dancers from Dubai and Russia will entertain guests.
  10. Especially for the event, 3 custom-made watches will be worn by the grooms  Rohit and Ranjit. The grooms’ father Ravindra will wear a watch,  designed by Rolex
  11. The cooks are from a traditional family with a lineage of over 200  years. The menu is expected to feature Kakori, Shammi, Ghutwa, Boti and  Sheek Kababs, apart from Nawabi kormas and Hyderabadi biryani and other stuff.
  12. NDTV’s Big Fat Indian Wedding crew are flying into town to cover the wedding.
  13. A pink Mercedes, one of its kind in India has been bought to ferry the brides around town.

That’s  the story so far. One of the grooms, Ranjit is my source’s classmate so has promised to send me pix!
Oh and apparently the who’s who of Andhra Pradesh are expected to be there, so heads up @sehgalkaran I’m waiting for some #ThisIsAndhra tweets!