Expat Unplugged: Five Things Fridays – Memory

Expat Unplugged: Five Things Fridays – Memory

Expat Unplugged Diary

I woke up with a case of the giggles this morning as I realized I was more than a little behind on my To Do list for the week. Where exactly did my week go and how is it Friday already? This Friday, let’s explore 5 things that helped my week vanish before my eyes.

5 Things that Made Me Forget It Was Already Friday

5 things Friday
5 things Friday

1. The Lavasa Women’s Drive. At an average speed of 43.3 kilometers per hour, it takes all day to make it to Lavasa and back. Lucky for my team, we had a hilarious time getting lost and finding our way out of the left turn maze we were stuck in for over an hour. Thank you Tarana Raja and Gayatri Singh for 11 hours of straight entertainment!
2. Quiet dinner with friends turned Random Monday Night Pub Crawl. Dear MissMalini and Pali Village Café sangria (see empty jug in picture), I love you!
3. The launch of California Pizza Kitchen in Phoenix Mills. The opening may be consuming my work life, but it doesn’t stop there! I have been dreaming of yummy pizzas dancing around in my head for the past two weeks. Yikes, let’s hope I have self control to stop at one whole pie a day!
4. The Paper Bag Exchange Project with the Hard Rock Café Ambassador Club. The sweetest surprise was being invited to a meeting Wednesday and showing up to find it is actually to reveal the secret project the ambassadors have been working on. After over 500 paper bags were made out of old newspapers, we hit the local vendors and asked them to help ‘Save the Planet’ by exchanging their plastic bags for paper.
5. It is true; I have lived at my job this week. I spent last night at Hard Rock Café with Something Relevant as they rocked for a cause in support of Teach for India. Bombay Basement also took the stage to shoot their Battle of the Bands entry. MissMalini judged the competition just last week.
So looking forward to my Sunday off (we work 6 days a week, ouch) …. Cross your fingers I can keep track of my days next week! :-)