Battle of the Bands - The Judges
Battle of the Bands – The Judges

Hard Rock Battle of the Bands
Hard Rock Battle of the Bands

I had so much fun judging this competition at Hard Rock Cafe (despite the rusty old math skills I had to break out to tally the complicated score sheet!) Five bands performed for us, some new ones like Alex Rintu and Summerpint Junkie, Bombay Bassment and a few old favorites like Ankur & The Ghalat Family and Tough On Tobacco. Arjun S. Ravi has a great review up here, for me suffice to say I’m always happy to watch Ankur Tewari and Sidd Coutto in action and Bombay Basement had some catchy tunes too. I am currently in love with Ankur’s “Mohabbat Zindabad” give it a listen, Ankur was sweet enough to share a scratch home recording with me to give you a sneak preview! He says, “wrote this one around a year back. The song is about the people rising in a revolution against corrupt anarchy – Let love rule.” Love it.
Psst! Arjun, I’m pretty surprised Tough on Tobacco didn’t win either and I was on the panel! Perhaps there is something *black in my lentils? Lol.
*Daal mein kuch kala