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Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut

Recently, I saw a story about Kangana Ranaut on a certain Bollywood tabloid channel. Initially, I thought it would  be about her tumultuous personal life (Adhyayan Suman and Aditya Pancholi spring to mind).  However, it was about her bad English. While promoting her latest film, Game, co-starring Abhishek Bachan,  Kangana answered a question on whether she was athletic  (I guess the  press-person thought the movie was about sports, should have done their  research!) during her school-days.

Kangana’s  answered she was not “sporty”, but it sounded like “supportive”.  The  tabloid channel then replayed the clip a dozen times to reiterate their  point.  They proceeded to criticize her English language skills, and  mentioned she was taking classes to get a better English accent. Sonam  Kapoor also made this point during her infamous “Koffee with Karan” appearance along with Deepika Padukone.

Seriously?   I don’t understand why everyone is ragging on Kangana. Telemarketers  need English accents for their career, Kangana does not. While I  understand that English is spoken commonly throughout India, and that  students in upper-class schools even learn English first before they  learn Hindi, Kangana is a good actress, regardless of  her English  skills. Also, isn’t it hypocritical for the press to make fun of  Kangana for not speaking English well, and then scold Katrina Kaif for  not speaking Hindi well?

What do you think MissMalini readers? Should Bollywood stars be able to speak English very well?

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