Mad Stupid Party
Mad Stupid Party

April Fools Day needs to celebrated especially if you are a little eccentric (it’s your day to shine!) That’s why I’m super pumped that Submerge and Blue Frog are throwing a party for us foolish folks. Just look at the poster or rather read it, Funky Hair Do, Mad Decor, Dress up Party (need they say more) and Stupid Visuals! Sounds like it’s going to be one fabulous party. The ring leaders of this chaos – Nikhil Chinapa, DJ Pearl and Janux, no Doubt they are going to bring the best of EDM (and hopefully a little Glitch). That’s not all, if you find yourself needing a break, then you can get a ‘Stupid’ makeover and head on over to the ‘stupid booth’ to take pictures of you and your friends. Still need convincing to come to this party (okay you really are FOOLISH). Well for those of you still on the fence this is what Nikhil has to say “It’s a party for the sake of having one, for the sake of having fun, for the sake of… oh, for God’s sake – I can’t believe I’m trying to explain why we’re having a Mad Stupid Party. Just come .. so you can avoid being called an idiot for missing it.” Nuff Said!


Date: April 1st
Time: 9pm onwards
Location: Blue Frog (Todi Mills,Lower Parel, Mumbai)