Fashion in Motion - New Video Campaigns

Sue Castellino , 30 Mar 2011


I just came across these fashion video ad campaigns, it is something design houses are getting increasingly involved with. A still or a picture can show you only one dimension of the garment, where as video can give you a better idea of the garment and the vision of the collection. As you’ll see the in the videos below each brand has a particular feel to it, whether dark, fun or utilitarian, it creates a connect with those who watch it. A brand is not just it’s clothes, it’s selling a lifestyle that appeals to it’s audience, this can be achieved through video successfully. Even online fashion magazines and websites have resorted to ad campaigns that use an element of video. One such ad campaign was featured on called Megabytes of Spring. At first you think it’s just a still and then you see the models move, it’s super edgy and fun. BTW V Magazine is something all of us should be tuned in to, they show fashion for what it is, sex, drugs, money, weight issues, nothing is hidden. I hope you like the few videos I complied, I think the Prada and Gareth Pugh videos are exceptional, they have a clear voice. There are many out there so if you find yourself bored one day, just search for some of these artsy films!



Gareth Pugh


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