Meet the Crew :)

Meet the Crew :)

Malini Agarwal Team Team

That’s right! I now have a whole crew of creative bloggers on board to tell you everything there is to know about Bollywood, Hollywood, Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Food and Nightlife in and out of Mumbai, Yaay! You’ll see posts from different members of the team everyday and I’m pretty sure you’ll recognize their voices online soon too. I’m super-psyched to be living my dream and sharing it with cool, creative peeps in my favorite city in the world, woohoo! Wish us luck :) xoxo

Sue Castellino

Sue was my very first recruit and now she’s moving back to Pune to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer, but she’s agreed to continue to blog on fashion (and play fashion police for me) as a freelancer for! Her impeccable taste has taught me how to accessorize and experiment, so thank you, Sue!

Dhruvi Shah

Dhruvi loves all things Bollywood and is a major movie junkie (just like me) you’ll catch her reviewing movies, books and Bollywood – breaking news and gossip and interviewing the dishy new faces in tinsel town for yours truly every week.

Shamita Kadle

Shamita loves all things fashion and along with Sue will be keeping a close eye on the trends in tinsel town and beyond. Of course she had her first run-in with an unhappy victim of Sue’s critique already but managed to keep it cool with an adorably cheeky, “I’ll be sure to give MissMalini your love” in response to Hard Kaur’s terrible tirade lol.

Serena Vora

Serena’s name alone reminds me of Gossip Girl so it’s only fitting that she’s keeping track of all things Hollywood (and some that cross over into Bollywood!) From the Royal Wedding to the Kardashians, you’ll get your fill of International celebrity juice from her every week!

Ridhima Sinha

Mother of one with an appetite for adventure, Ridhima is the other Bollywood junkie on our team. She’ll be covering a variety of events and giving you a fly-on-the-wall perspective of everything that goes down in B-Town.

Dhwani Shah

Dhwani is the youngest on our team (but already blessed with a super sense of style) apart from helping us Photoshop our endless incoming pix she plans to assist on events and learn the ropes, eventually training to become a true-blue bloggerina!

Mike Melli

Last but not least, Mike is my business manager extraordinaire. Aside from being one of the nicest guys I have ever met (ladies he’s single, I’m just saying!) he can whip up a business proposal, organize my life and teach you how to swim (seriously, he gives lessons) all with a big fat smile on his face! Now that’s what I a call a brilliant business manager :)

Still Hiring…

Which reminds me, I’m still looking for a music junkie to cover the indie-scene in Mumbai and beyond. This may mean sweating it out in the mosh-pit or perching on-top of a speaker for a sound-byte from the band, the perks are free concert passes and access to India’s awesome Indie-scene, interested? Mail me on!