Royal Wedding Countdown - 2 More Days!

Serena Vora , 27 Apr 2011
(Photo Courtesy: Mario Testino/Clarence House Press Office via Getty Images)
(Photo Courtesy: Mario Testino/Clarence House Press Office via Getty Images)

Whether you like it or not EVERYONE is talking about the Royal Wedding and people all over the world are anxiously waiting for the historic moment on Friday April 29th, 2011. Many people have asked me what the big deal is and why everyone cares so much. I’m not sure how to answer that without just saying it’s the wedding of the future King and Queen of England! For all the Royal Wedding cynics, take a look at a few social media stats just to see how excited people are. According to, since the beginning of April tweets on the Royal Wedding have been averaging almost 5,000 an hour and eBay auctions of Royal Wedding memorabilia have gone from 7,435 in mid-February to more than 400,000 this week!

Now more updates!

  1. The official guest list was finally released and has turned out to be slightly controversial. While the Crown Prince of Bahrain declined his invitation due to unrest in his country, former UK Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have been royally snubbed. As previously speculated Sir Elton John, David & Victoria Beckham, filmmaker Guy Ritchie and comedian Rowan Atkinson have all been invited.
  2. In their wedding vows Kate has omitted the controversial word “obey”, she will instead promise to “love, comfort, honour and keep” Prince William.
  3. Lady Sarah McCorquodale (Princess Diana’s sister) will be wearing the same diamond earrings Princess Diana wore on her wedding day to ensure she is part of the celebration.
  4. Still no word on the designer behind Kate’s wedding dress, guess we’ll just have to wait till the big day!
  5. Numerous tribute videos for the couple and the Royal Wedding have been made but here’s one created by T-Mobile that’s garnering the most attention with over 12.4 million views!

The Royal Wedding will telecast LIVE on Friday, April 29th on TLC from 2:30pm IST.

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