Expat Unplugged: Five Things Friday, The Product Project

Andrea , 29 Apr 2011
Five Things Fridays
Five Things Fridays

Expat Unplugged DiaryA mini disaster struck my washroom this morning as one of my shelves overflowing with health and beauty products came crashing down. The aftermath resembled a tie-dye project gone wrong with pieces of pink blush and a palette full of shimmery shadows sinking into the tile grout. Yikes! So this Friday is dedicated to my recently departed products and all about the ones I really cannot live without. Note to self: Operation Product Project is to be put in full force ASAP as breakables should be in drawers and cabinets not on shelves. Oooops!

Five Beauty Products I Adore

1. Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleaning System: Lots of perks to this mini miracle maker. It cleanses 6x better than normal face washing, can be used with any facial cleanser and leaves your face feeling silky smooth. I switched from the bulkier cousin, the Clarisonic, as I needed something travel friendly. The Pro-X is also lighter and much more price effective at $39.99 USD compared to $225.00.

2. Sunscreen: SPF is the most important part of my daily routine. Not only does it fight the lovely premature aging from sun exposure, but it significantly reduces your risk of developing skin cancer. I suggest an oil-free 15+ SPF for daily use or sunscreen built into your moisturizer for quick application.

3. ACT Fluoride Rinse: Keeps my breath fresh, gums healthy and my teeth in my head. What more could you ask for from one minute of swishing?

4. The Body Shop Tee Tree Oil Mattifying Moisture Gel: This little green tube not only moisturizes without the greasy feeling, but claims to protect your skin from pollution. It also smells delightful.

5. Primer: I am guilty of owning 4 different types of primer. Honestly, I have no idea how I accumulated so many, but swear by its power to keep my makeup from smudging or sliding off my face. Kiss your raccoon eyes goodbye on hot and humid days. Hooray for primer!

What products do you adore?

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