MissMalini and Sue Castellino
MissMalini and Sue Castellino
(photo courtesy: @gulpanag)
(photo courtesy: @gulpanag)

So we’re here for Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week and now blogging from the comfort of our surprisingly slick room at the Radisson Blu Marina in CP (which I must commend is mosquito-free unlike all of Pragati Maidan!) While Sue is putting her expert fashion design school skills to use and commenting intelligently (and often cattily) on all the shows, I’ve been observing all the ring-side action and schmoozing with my Mumbai peeps. (Oh and Jatin Verma who is an absolute delight.) The reason for this post however is to share a few hilarious (and I say this with utmost respect and good cheer) it-happens-only-in-the-dally moments. Ready?
Psst! Please know I have nothing against Delhi, I lived here for 6 years and made some awesome friends (props KC!) but yeah, chances are I probably didn’t make them at fashion week 🙂


So I’m sitting on my seat C 11, minding my own business, just waiting for Pankaj and Nidhi to do their thing and reading my Twitter texts when an uncle-type dude next to me says…

“Aye madame, naxt show kiska hai?”

Cut to Varun Bahl’s show when I’m sitting on on my seat C 11, minding my own business, just waiting for the show to start when aunty next to me asks me if I’m a designer. Taken aback I say, “um no…” she probes further till I try to explain (as briefly as possible) that I am in fact a blogger. She seems momentarily satisfied and then out of the blue volunteers this information….

“Manish Malhotra is my cousin, first cousin.”

Now granted, on its own this is no biggie however she goes on to point out a lady in the front row to be Varun Bahl’s sister-in-law…

“She’s my neighbor.”

and also that Varun Bahl had designed her daughter’s wedding lehenga 15 years ago…

“As a friend, he wasn’t famous then.”

and finally that she had brought along her white “samdhan”…

“My daughter-in-law is American you see, she couldn’t come because her son has school tomorrow.”

I vaguely remember some mention of her nephew’s all being assistant directors to the likes of David Dhawan and how she hoped her grandchildren would end up infront of the camera some day (not that I asked for any of this information mind you.) But you know what? I believed it, I believed it all. The only part I couldn’t possibly believe was when she said…

“I’m from Mumbai too, I avoid Delhi altogether.”

Oh no madame, you are most definitely Delhi 🙂