Movie Master: Bollybama and Bollysama

Movie Master: Bollybama and Bollysama

Movie Master

Like I said there’s a new Bollywood blogger in the mix, my former boss Vishnu (who I have affectionately called “The Professor” for as far back as I can remember is a practical genius when it comes to dissecting Bollywood and its motivations. I am thrilled that he has agreed to contribute pieces from his own blog off and on to!

Osama and Obama
Osama and Obama

Now  that Obama has assured us that Osama is dead and the world is a safer  place, it cannot be ignored that art imitates life or the other way  around. Bollywood has been at the heels of a story as big as this, and  fictitiously we took a look around to see how film-makers perceived a  storyline of an ‘Obama-Osama’ saga, in their own inimitable way

Film : Inteqaam ki Aag
Director: Manmohan Desai

Amrit  Verma (Satyen Kappu) is a honest inspector in Azad Nagar, living with  his wife Durga (Nirupa Roy) and his twin boys Obama Verma (Amitabh  Bachchan) and Osama Verma (Shatrughan Sinha). One day, Daku Mangal  Singh (Madan Puri) kills Amrit Verma, and kidnaps Osama and flees the  country to Afghanistan. Durga in the meanwhile escapes in a ship that  takes her and her son Obama to the United States. In a masala plot that  ensues, Obama becomes the president of the US and Osama becomes the most  daring criminal in the world. Unknown that to them they are brothers,  they fight each other. Only when Osama dies, does Durga reveal his true  identity. Rekha as Michele Obama, Master Bittu and Iftikar (as Vice  President Bidden) form the rest of the cast.

Film : Let’s Rock!
Director : Farhan Akthar

Obama (Farhan  Akthar) and Osama (Arjun Rampal) are a part of a rock band in Goa, along  with their friend Tony Blair (Luke Kenny) and Joe Bidden (Purab  Kohli). Obama, the lead singer and the most popular member of the group  wants to take his band to the United States, while Osama, the lead  guitarist wants to take the band to countries where they can make a  difference to the people. In the ensuing argument, the band splits and  Osama moves to Afghanistan to stir a revolution with his music, while  Obama and Joe start a band in the United States. Tony moves to London.  When one hears of the others success, try to destroy each other with  their music. Gulshan Grover plays Gilani (a music company owner in  Pakistan), who causes this rift. Prachi Desai as Michele Obama and  Shahana Goswami as Osama’s third wife form the rest of the cast.

Film: Bhai No.1
Director : David Dhawan

Obama  Kumar (Govinda) and Osama Kumar (Chunky Pandey) are two good for nothing  brothers who while away their time with their father Kumar’s (Kader Khan)  money. One day their father sends them to the city to buy some machine  tools for their factory. They get swindled and in the ensuing fight,  Obama gets beaten and Osama loses his memory. The captured Osama gets  brain washed into becoming a villain. Obama then has to save his brother  from the clutches of the evil Saddam (Shakti Kapoor). Karishma Kapoor as  Michele Sharma and Raj Babbar as the politician form the rest of the  cast. The movie also boasts of the hit number, “ Hai Rama, Tu Obama,  mein Osama”

Film : Wind
Director : Deepa Mehta
Obama (Lisa  Ray) and Osama (Nandita Das) are two eunuchs who live in bylanes of  Byculla. Their day beings and ends with doing the rounds, collecting  money from the rich at signals, shops and weddings. A photographer  George Bush (John Abraham) comes into their life, bringing a lot of cheer  and laughter, but by the time they know it, the two are caught in a  jealous triangle wanting George to themselves. The movie forms a  touching tale of how two good friends who have to fight for their right  in society are torn apart by love and become sworn enemies.