The Lisa Blue Bikini Boo-Boo.

Malini Agarwal
model in Lisa Blue swimwear
model in Lisa Blue swimwear
Lisa BLue protestors
Lisa Blue protestors
Designer Lisa Blue with models wearing controversial Lakshmi Devi Bikini, lingeries
Designer Lisa Blue with models wearing controversial Lakshmi Devi Bikini, lingeries

Did you hear about this? How epically stupid to put your models in bikini bottoms with the likeness of a Hindu Goddess on them and then claim “spiritual inspiration” from Lord Krishna. Um, culturally insensitive-much? (The controversy started during Australia Fashion Week held in Sydney in case you missed it.) The latest is that Lisa Blue Swimwear Company has asked the entire Hindu community to forgive them and withdrawn all bikini’s with ‘Lakshmi Devi’ photos in them. (You can support the whales all you want Lisa but you’ve just thrown yourself to the sharks!)
P.S. Am I the only one who finds it wildly disturbing that our good old protesting uncle-brigade took color print-outs of the bikinis themselves? Ugh. A picket-sign would have sufficed guys. #dirtyoldmansyndrome

Previous Boo-Boos

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Roberto Cavalli’s attempt to create a swimwear line with Hindu deities printed on them had received an aggressive reaction from the public. He had to withdraw the blasphemous bikinis and was reportedly shocked by the furore he had caused. One of his spokespersons was believed to have said the designer’s aim was to celebrate Hindu culture, and not to denigrate it.

In the past, there have been instances of footwear being sold with impressions of Lord Ganesha, and of deity impressions on toilet seats.

In 2008, actress Heidi Klum was spotted dressed up and posing as Goddess Kali for a Halloween party in New York. (Although to be fair you see enough people dressing up as Jesus now and again.)

As you can see there have been several examples of highly acclaimed designers/celebrities crossing the boundary with offensive clothing. So you’d think someone, somewhere along the way would have said something to Miss Blue right? Unless of course this is a publicity stunt in terrible taste! #justsaying #couldhappen