My Not-So-Secret Birthday Wish & Bombay Dreams

MissMalini , 11 May 2011
I wish...
I wish…

Ok so I’m going to go ahead and test out my theory. I truly believe that if you want something bad enough the universe conspires to make it happen (or at the very least give you the motivation) and I didn’t have to read The Secret to figure that out! Anyhow for some time now I’ve had my heart set on a name-chain with MissMalini on it in a creative running-hand font. Yes of course I know SJP had one as Carrie in Sex And The City (and I recently discovered that my wedding planner Candice has one too and its super cute!) So I’m hoping to get one for my birthday *hint hint* but to me it means so much more than my name on a chain; its a daily reminder that I am finally living my dream and it’s only going to get bigger and better, to the moon I say!

Psst! Didjya Know?

(photo courtesy: Roy Sinai on flickr)
(photo courtesy: Roy Sinai on flickr)

I moved to Mumbai 11 years ago* on a whim (and um… kinda because I met a guy?) I always though of Bombay as this city of dreams and when I was dancing professionally for Ronica and The Planets and it was a HUGE deal to get to go on the Bombay trip for anyone in the troupe!

When I got my first emcee gig in Mumbai (I remember it was for ESPN Star Sports in Shivaji Park over a decade ago) I was SO thrilled!

In fact I fell in love with Mumbai overnight in a taxi ride from the airport to our hotel; I loved the black & yellow (usually) super-friendly cabbies and the bright neon lights. Yes, I was finally in the city that never sleeps, and now you know my name :) xoxo

*In case you were curious: I grew up like so…

May 26 19-something-something lol. Born in Allahabad, India
Age 0.6 to 03 lived in Mogadishu, Somalia
Age 04 to 07 lived in Bonn, Germany
Age 07 to 10 lived in Athens, Greece
Age 10 to 13 lived in New Delhi, India
Age 13 to 17 lived in Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Age 17 to 22 lived in Delhi, India & Sofia, Bulgaria
Age 22 to present day live in Mumbai, India
Hence the accent!

PS. May, 2013 life update. Look what I got for Valentine’s Day this year :) xoxo

MissMalini chain
MissMalini chain

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