Expat Unplugged – Five Things Fridays

Expat Unplugged – Five Things Fridays

Expat Unplugged Diary

As Bombay heats up, I look for every possible way to cool down after a train commute sandwiched between sweaty ladies or a long black and yellow cab ride. Here are five treats I look forward too after arriving home and peeling off my slightly sticky denim.

Keeping It Cool

Five Things Fridays
Five Things Fridays

1. Popsicles – My current obsession with homemade popsicles is a little scary, but they are so scrumptious. Combine your favorite fruit and yogurt in a blender, pour into a mold or paper cup, insert popsicle stick, freeze overnight and ta-da! If I do say so myself my weekly flavor, a blend of fresh mango and vanilla yogurt, is delicious!

2. Flavored Ice Cubes – Skip the umbrellas and replace them with these little gems as a great touch to any drink. Strawberry-lemon cubes are my favorite as they are a pretty as well as versatile. Want your fruit centered? Think thirds. Fill one third of the tray with water and freeze. Add fruit and freeze. Top off with water and freeze again. If you aren’t fussed on perfect cubes like me, just toss fruit in mold, add water and freeze.

3. Spiked Watermelon – Watermelon is not only tasty and refreshing, but super healthy for you. It contains Vitamin A, C, B6 and now your daily dose of vodka as well! After cutting a hole in the top, insert the vodka bottle upside down. Let the entire bottle seep into the melon and soak for half a day. Cut into the melon and enjoy responsibly!

4. Iced Coffee – Hot coffee and the smoldering Bombay summer is not a winning combination in my book. In order to avoid watery coffee from melting ice, try a combination of room temperature coffee, cold milk, sugar substitute (remember summertime means less clothing, yikes!) and coffee ice cubes. Flavored ice cubes don’t have to just be fruity! I prefer my coffee ice cubes without sugar and milk for an extra caffeine kick. Just pour cooled coffee into a mold and freeze. No need for water with these simply flavored cubes.

5. Fancy Water – Bring a bit of the spa home with fancy, flavored water. Lemon Mint Cucumber water is refreshing and healing.  Try all three ingredients combined or on their own. Cut all ingredients into thin slices, toss in a pitcher.

P.S. Trying out ‘Ice Pops for Adults’ recipes this week…. I feel a video blog coming soon! :-)